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“Our goal when we created WallBytes is to save builders time and money so they can build better when they can See Inside Walls.

Han Vu has spent 17 years developing and implementing digital strategies that enhance user engagement and create brand awareness for museums. He understands technology and has used his in-depth knowledge to see the big picture and connects the dots to offer real world advice on its usage. He holds an MA in History of Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture through Bard College; a BA in Art History; as well as a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Texas Tech University.


In the last 17 years he has produced over 80 short films. in 2011, Han formed LampHouse Pictures to deliver digital services to museums and galleries. In 2015, Han co-founded FloorplanGRP. Recently in 2017, Han founded WallBytes that focused on the construction industry by making virtual Maps for builders and homeowners to See Inside Walls.

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